Hi! I'm Sam Brown, a full-stack web developer. I'm currently trying to disrupt the haircut industry.

In 2014, I was part of product powerhouse Ustwo as a full-stack developer, helping to evolve web-based company operations tools.

From 2011 - early 2014, I was part of UNIT9's web force as a technical lead. There, I worked on challenging productions, for a range of interesting clients like Google, Disney, Nissan, The Nature Conservancy & J&J.

I'm 24 and from North Somerset but now live in London. I graduated from the University of Plymouth in 2012 with a BSc in Web Applications Development, having started my professional career 3 years earlier.

Stuff I love: solving weird and complex problems, building things, open source software, football, games, all sorts of music, being lucky enough to work with absurdly talented people, achieving things I never thought I would, funny subreddits and occasionally making stupid stuff.

Tech Stack


  • JavaScript (CoffeeScript) (strong, <3)
  • CSS (SCSS / LESS) (strong)
  • PHP (strong)
  • Node.js (strong)
  • Ruby (med)
  • Python (basic)
  • Java (basic/android)
  • HTML (Jade, vanilla, etc) (strong)
  • Git, SVN (incl. Git-flow) (strong)
  • Unix, bash (good)


  • Grunt (strong)
  • Linux (Ubunutu, CentOS) (strong)
  • Ruby on Rails (strong)
  • Wordpress (strong)
  • Backbone.js (strong)
  • AngularJS (med)
  • Laravel (strong)
  • Express.js (good)
  • Django (med)
  • Using cats as placeholders (grand master)
  • Raphael / SnapSVG (good)
  • Bootstrap.css, Foundation.css (strong)
  • Parallax experiences (strong)


  • Strong IE8-11 support experience (thanks microsoft)
  • iOS / Android browsers
  • Responsive sites + experiences, incl. hi-dpi screens
  • REST APIs of all kinds, consumption and creation (strong)
  • Agile (good, but everyone does it different)
  • Scaling (good)
  • Unit testing / TDD (med, would like to improve)
  • Security (good/strong)
  • OAuth (strong)
  • Deployment (strong)
  • AWS/Cloud deployment (med/good, limited XP in prod)


  • OS X
  • ST2 / Atom
  • Terminal.app
  • Adobe CC
  • Pow, MAMP, XAMPP, Apache, whatever.
  • GitHub, Bitbucket (<3)


Hello, My Name Means (2014)

Role: Tech Lead

I led this project's technical side from pitch and discovery phase right through to delivery in about 7 weeks (great job team!). The site, aimed at parents-to-be, takes any name you give it and finds out interesting data from the web about it.

Key tech: Django, Celery, Backbone.js, GSAP/TweenMax, SoundJS

Client: Johnson & Johnson, DM9 DDB

Nexus 5 (2013)

Role: Tech Lead

I lead the technical side of Google's showcase site for the Nexus 5 phone that launched last year. A responsive, retina-compatible & parallax project with interactive 'moments', this site was visited by millions during the annoucement week. A challenging but rewarding project including integration with some internal Google systems.

Key tech: AngularJS, GASP/TweenMax, Maia

Client: Google

Slavery Footprint (2011)

Role: Front-end Developer

Slavery Footprint is an interactive platform that estimates the amount of slavery likely to be taking place based on lifestyle choices of the user. Developed for a US non-profit. One of my first projects at UNIT9, I helped build the core backbone app with the tech lead.

Key tech: Backbone.js, RequireJS, Google Swiffy, Underscore

Client: Call & Response, MUH-TAY-ZIK HOF-FER

UNIT9.com (2012)

Role: Co-Lead Developer

In 2011/2012 UNIT9 underwent a minor rebranding process and part of this was getting a new website (which was a simple blog for the past 5 years). A colleague and I were given the project and managed development ourselves. We developed a highly sophisticated and feature-rich bespoke site on top of Wordpress that has provided a massive boost to the agency's visibility and is actively maintained and developed today.

Key tech: Wordpress, PHP, JavaScript

Client: UNIT9

Find Your Way To Oz (2013)

Role: Assisted as Front-end Developer

This project was an extremely impressive WebGL experience for Disney's 2013 Oz film. Studying at the time, I was drafted in to assist the final few weeks of development. I built an early version of the interactive music jukebox.

Key tech: Backbone.js, Grunt, WebGL, SoundJS

Client: Disney, Google

FaceSwapper (2014)

Role: N/A

The fruits of a 1-day game jam, having experimented with face tracking in the browser.

Key tech: Clmtracker.js, WebGL

Eduvee (2012 - 2014)

Role: Front-end & Rails Developer

I have worked with Eduvee at intervals over the past 18 months to help develop their Rails app as part of a redesign.

Key tech: Ruby on Rails

Client: Eduvee

Other Projects

  • The Nature Conservancy

    Developer for this scrolling experience made for nature.org.

  • Nissan Innovation Garage

    Front-end developer for this project.

  • Captain Morgan

    I developed a 'dashboard' front-end that lived as a facebook app.

  • Chromecast R&D

    I recently did some prototyping and research for a pitch to promote Google's Chromecast device. An example of the R&D I typically do.

Non-commerical, personal, open-source

  • jQuery Circular Carousel (2014)

    A 3D-like circular carousel plugin for jQuery.

  • Playback.io (2013)

    I was lead front-end developer for this music aggregation project. Also for a university module. Works better than youtube.com on the PS4!

  • CouchTube (2012)

    An express.js & websockets experimentation project for a university module.

  • mixxxx.es (2011)

    A personal side project that was a precursor to Playback. A much more simple and unsophisticated music aggreation place.

  • "Status" (2013)

    A very simplistic project that aggregates interesting data from the web community - from a 12-hour hackathon.